The Kingdom of Heaven - Where do you stand?

You have beliefs and representations that are uniquely bonded and intertwined with your concept of what the Kingdom of Heaven is. I promise, it's not what most people think. Some, perhaps, but most do not know what the Kingdom truly is. Let's be honest, do you? Typically, when you ask someone this question, you will usually get one of many responses. The top three most frequent answers are:

1. The Kingdom is in Heaven where God dwells.

2. The Kingdom is in your Heart. (Surprisingly, you get this answer a lot.)

3. The Kingdom is on Earth.

So, which one of the three is correct? Download and read to find the answer now!

This book is designed to expose the deception in the world around you. One that you don’t even know exists. If you do not want the truth, then don’t waste your time reading this book, because it will let you know exactly where you stand in life!  

However, if you are sick and tired of The World’s Indoctrination Stations, Churches and Religions out there, and you are simply looking for a way to “bypass” all of the hypocrisy and deception and just have a “one on one” relationship with the Creator, then you, my friend, have just found what you were looking for. Learn the answers to the following questions and more. Enjoy!

  • What is The Kingdom Of Heaven?

  • Where is The Kingdom Of Heaven?

  • Who Will Rule As King In The Kingdom Of Heaven?

  • Who Will Be The Subjects & Citizens Of The Kingdom?

  • How Will The Kingdom Affect Mankind As We Know it?

  • How Does One Make It Into The Kingdom?

  • When Will The Kingdom Be Established?

  • Why Do We Need The Kingdom Of Heaven?

  • Who Does The Kingdom Belong To?

  • What Will The Kingdom Do?

and so much more...

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  • 310 pages.

  • Over 1500 Scripture references.

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